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The basis for temptation is legitimate human needs.

Essence of Temptation is going to be a series of true stories set in a poetic narrative. These stories are going to be reenacted and no real names will be used. Temptation is a need that everyone wants whether good or bad. Being able to see it live and not on paper is what is going to bring these stories to life. Some of the stories can be very helpful for real life situations and even give you an idea about how to be sexual and intimate with your partner. Essence of Temptation is going to show how your words can come to life in a poetic way. Each episode will last about 30 minutes and will be based on real life events that occurred in each person life. This is intended for mature audiences because of nature of the content may be too explicit for children under the age of 18. Each person identity will be protected; therefore, no real names will be used.

“Life as we know it is a concept of time governed by minutes, hours, days, and years in the different seasons of life. Therefore, it becomes harder to comprehend the simplest and most essential aspects of life. Most people keep diaries of their most desirable and undesirable events. The “Essence of Temptation” is going to bring those stories to life with these reenactments of true events.”

"A tall slender woman sits at her table drinking a cup of hot coffee. While reminiscing about the fun she had the night before. Beside her is a book that she keeps all her intimate secrets in. Her pen becomes a wand and as she writes, it becomes a visual aspect of what is happening"



A Poetic Narrative



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